Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Quest to Perfect Our Condo with Apartment Therapy's The January Cure

In addition to attempting the #100HappyDays challenge I have also been following along and keeping up with Apartment Therapy's The January Cure. The January Cure's goal is to help you organize your house, get it clean, and keeping it clean. Every day has a specific task, such as scrubbing your floors or tackling a pesky closet. For the most part, these tasks haven't been too onerous for me (Monica Geller is my spirit animal) but it is a great reminder to do the daily things that need to get done. A few days ago, The January Cure said that we were to chose one of our long term projects and start tackling it. I chose to tackle our hallway closet, which was stuffed to the brim with coats for every season, gloves, scarves, purses, shoes, and umbrellas.

To tackle this project, I purchased rubber tubs and a three-drawer plastic organizer from Target today. I filled the three-drawer plastic organizer with hats, gloves, and umbrella (each in a different drawer) and one of my tubs with our spring jackets. This allowed me to actually see all the scarves and purses that I have. I firmly believe that if you can see your stuff, you're more likely to wear it. I also saw how much more room I have in my purse and scarf organizer (oh... room for more stuff!).

I ended up having one extra plastic tub, which made its way to our spare bedroom closet where it is now holding rarely used linens and towels. Honestly, the cleaner my house, the better I feel and I am feeling really great right now!

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